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 MPD Application- Alfred E Neumen

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PostSubject: MPD Application- Alfred E Neumen   Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:29 pm

Character names (ALL):bill smith,alfred e neumen,jack turner.

[b]Steam ID:buddykk

[b]Roleplay experiences:i play many roleplay servers and I know the rules of being a cp keeping the map safe.

[b]Combine experiences:In this one rp server i was a cp and i was protcting the map by arresting criminals and not just sshooting them

[b]Time with the Community:about 5 minutes since i just made this acount to fill in my application

[b]Why do you want to be in the MPD:so i can protect the citizens from killers and mingebags

[b]Why should we accept you:because i am very detecated to doing this job and protecting people

-In-Character Part-

[b]Full Name: alfred e neumen
[b]CID: 86753
[b]Gender: male
[b]Age: 23
[b]Physical Appearance: a normal guy
[b]Physical Defects: gap toothed
[b]IQ: 112
[b]Psychological Defects: none
[b]Addictions: reading mad magazine
[b]Country born from: russia
[b]Known Dialects:none
[b]Current Occupation:selling suitcases
[b]Talents:being able to get a perfect score in a shooting gallery
[b]Distinguished Qualities: none
[b]Acquaintances: norman mingo
Other: none

[R] Refused, message me on Steam for details..
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MPD Application- Alfred E Neumen
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