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 MPD Application - Kitsune Misery Arachnia

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PostSubject: MPD Application - Kitsune Misery Arachnia   Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:56 am

Character names (ALL): Kit Arachnia

Steam ID: Kainen-Kit-Toni

Roleplay experiences: 1 year of text RP on (supernatural RP (vampires, Demons, etc.)), G-mod experience: Large amounts of time spent on server, VentMob server, and random RP servers found.

Combine experiences: None

Time with the Community: Month

Why do you want to be in the MPD: The server needs more MPD and I don't want to join the server and have people running around and going on mass murdering sprees.

Why should we accept you: I refuse to even use my position unless necesary. Power Abuse pisses me off. No random warrents/random arest.

-In-Character Part-

Full Name: Kitsune Misery Arachnia

CID: 66689

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Physical Appearance: Long black hair; Bloody red irises with pupils that can expand to a greater extent then normal human pupils, allowing for sharper, clearer eyesight at a longer distance. 5'11". Normaly in all black, with a sword or dagger always on hand. As long as it's sharp. Almost snow white skin, medium weight (around 180, including muscle, bone mass, and bodily fluids weight). Many scars over her body, the largest being the two down her back and the one across her face. Just for fun: D cup.

Physical Defects: Better eyesight is counted as a defect, along with eye color.

IQ: 189

Psychological Defects: Split Personality (one being nice and sweet, to people she likes at least. the other being psychotic unless either she or the other half likes the person they're talking to. Second half's name is the middle name (Misery)) Slightly jumpy, mainly when people are coming up behind her (hope she's not holding a knife).

Addictions: small addiction to pain, nothing self caused. Small amount of blood lust. (only taken from willing people)

Country born from: United States of America

Known Dialects: American; small amount of japanese and spanish

Current Occupation: Jumps from job to job.

Talents: Knife throwing, hiding in high/dark areas, retrival

Distinguished Qualities: Scars

Acquaintances: Very Solitary/none

Other: Was abused as a child, so she's insicure about people and just plain psychotic when she fights. likes to either taunt her kill, or fight in silence.

[A] Accepted, Welcome to the Union, Apprentice 66689.
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MPD Application - Kitsune Misery Arachnia
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